Michelin LTX FORCE

MICHELIN’s off-road tire with on-road capabilities, for multi-purpose use

On-Road Capabilities

CompacTread Technology:

  • Reinforcement between blocks increases contact area with the ground, for better braking & safety

  • Longer tire life by 18,000 kilometers than the previous generation

BevelTread Technology:

  • A rounded sloping edge cuts the peaks of noise power, thus providing a noticeably quieter and more peaceful ride.

CushionGuard Technology:

  • It absorbs road imperfections for a comfortable ride.

Off-Road Toughness

Extended Sidewall Biting Edge:

  • Making the sidewall tough and cut-chip resistant

Shoulder Design:

  • Deeper tread depth by 1.4 mm than the previous generation for better off-road traction

Rubber compound derived from World Rally Championships:

  • Optimized off-road traction, thanks to the experiences gained fromĀ  FIA WRC competitions.

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